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Basic english words with hindi meaning

Here are some basic english words

Basic english words like subject Preposition and Articles

  1. You तुम/आप (Tum/Aap): Do you like ice cream?
  2. I – मैं (Main): I am a student.
  3. He – वह (Vah): He is my friend.
  4. She – वह (Vah): She is a doctor.
  5. It – यह/वह (Yah/Vah): It is a book. basic english words
  6. We – हम (Hum): We are going to the park.
  7. They – वे (Ve): They are playing football.
  8. A – एक (Ek): A dog is barking.
  9. An – एक (Ek): An apple is red.
  10. The – यह/वह (Yah/Vah): The sun is shining.
  11. And – और (Aur): John and Jane are friends.
  12. Or – या (Ya): Do you want tea or coffee?
  13. But – परंतु (Parantu): I like him, but he doesn’t like me.
  14. For – के लिए (Ke liye): This gift is for you. basic english words
  15. Nor – नहीं (Nahi): I don’t like tea nor coffee.
  16. So – तो (Toh): I am hungry, so I am going to eat.
  17. To – को (Ko) I gave the book to him.
  18. At – पर (Par): The cat is sitting at the table.
  19. By – द्वारा (Dwara): The letter was sent by post.
  20. In – में (Mein): The pen is in the box. basic english words
  21. Of – का (Ka): The color of the sky is blue.
  22. On – पर (Par): The book is on the table.
  23. Up – ऊपर (Upar): The balloon went up into the sky.
  24. With – साथ (Saath): I am going to the park with my friends.
  25. About – के बारे में (Ke baare mein): Let’s talk about your trip.
  26. Above – ऊपर (Upar): The bird is flying above the tree.
  27. Across – पार (Paar): The bridge goes across the river.
  28. After – बाद (Baad): We will go out after dinner. basic english words
  29. Against – विरोध में (Virodh mein): He is fighting against the government.
  30. Along – साथ में (Saath mein): The cat walked along the wall.
  31. Amid – बीच में (Beech mein): The bird is flying amid the clouds.
  32. Among – बीच में (Beech mein): There are many trees among the hills.
  33. Around – आस-पास (Aas-paas): The children are playing around the tree.
  34. Before – पहले (Pehle): We will meet before the movie starts. basic english words
  35. Behind – पीछे (Peeche): The cat is hiding behind the chair.
  36. Below – नीचे (Neeche): The book is below the table.
  37. Beneath – नीचे (Neeche): The treasure is buried beneath the sand.
  38. Beside – पास (Paas): The dog is lying beside the owner.
  39. Between – बीच (Beech): The book is between the two bookends.
  40. Beyond – परे (Pare): The mountain range is beyond the horizon.
  41. But – लेकिन (Lekin): I like him, but he is too busy to meet. basic english words
  42. Despite – बिना देखे (Bina dekhe): Despite the rain, we went for a walk.
  43. Down – नीचे (Neeche): The bird is flying down to the ground.
  44. During – के दौरान (Ke dauraan): I read a book during the flight.
  45. Except – को छोड़कर (Ko chhodkar): Everyone came, except John.
  46. Following – निम्नलिखित (Nimnlikhit): Following your instructions, I completed the task.
  47. Forth – आगे (Aage): The boat sailed forth into the sea. basic english words
  48. From – से (Se): I received a letter from my friend.
  49. Inside – अंदर (Andar): The keys are inside the drawer.
  50. Into – में (Mein): The bird flew into the cage.
  51. Like – जैसे (Jaise): I like coffee, just like my father.
  52. Near – पास (Paas): The grocery store is near my house.
  53. Off – बंद (Band): The TV is off.
  54. On – चालू (Chalu): The light is on. basic english words
  55. Onto – पर (Par): The cat jumped onto the roof.
  56. Out – बाहर (Bahar): The cat ran out of the house.
  57. Over – ऊपर (Upar): The bird flew over the mountain.
  58. Past – गुज़रते हुए (Guzarte hue): I saw John walking past my house.
  59. Regarding – के बारे में (Ke baare mein): Regarding your request, we will get back to you soon.
  60. Round – चक्कर (Chakkar): The children are running round and round.
  61. Since – से (Se): I have been studying since morning.
  62. Through – के ज़रिए (Ke zariye): The train goes through the tunnel.
  63. Throughout – भरपूर (Bharpoor): The house was decorated throughout for the party.
  64. Till – तक (Tak): The store is open till 10 pm.
  65. To – को (Ko): I gave the book to him. basic english words
  66. Toward – की ओर (Ki or): The car is moving toward the city.
  67. Under – नीचे (Neeche): The cat is hiding under the bed.
  68. Underneath – नीचे (Neeche): The mouse is hiding underneath the bookshelf.
  69. Until – तक (Tak): I will wait until you finish your work.
  70. Up – ऊपर (Upar): The balloon is going up in the sky.
  71. Upon – पर (Par): The bird perched upon the tree branch.
  72. With – साथ (Saath): I am going to the park with my friends.
  73. Within – अंदर (Andar): The answer is within the book. basic english words
  74. Without – बिना (Bina): I cannot live without water.
  75. Yes – हाँ (Haan): Yes, I will come to the party.
  76. No – नहीं (Nahi): No, I cannot come to the party.
  77. Maybe – शायद (Shayad): Maybe we can meet for lunch.
  78. Always – हमेशा (Hamesha): My mother always wakes up early.
  79. Never – कभी नहीं (Kabhi nahi): I never eat spicy food.
  80. Often – अक्सर (Aksar): I often go for a walk in the park.
  81. Rarely – कभी-कभी (Kabhi-kabhi): I rarely watch TV.
  82. Sometimes – कभी-कभी (Kabhi-kabhi): Sometimes I feel sad.
  83. Usually – आम तौर पर (Aam tor par): I usually have breakfast at 7 am.
  84. Here – यहाँ (Yahaan): I am here, waiting for you.
  85. There – वहाँ (Vahaan): The store is over there. basic english words
  86. Near – पास (Paas): The restaurant is near the movie theater.
  87. Far – दूर (Door): The beach is far from here.
  88. Above – ऊपर (Upar): The airplane is flying above the clouds.
  89. Below – नीचे (Neeche): The fish is swimming below the surface.
  90. Around – आसपास (Aaspas): The flowers are around the tree.
  91. Behind – पीछे (Peeche): The car is behind the truck.
  92. In front of – सामने (Saamne): The house is in front of the park.
  93. Next to – अगले पास (Agale paas): The library is next to the post office.
  94. Opposite – विपरीत (Vipareet): The bank is opposite the supermarket.
  95. Inside – अंदर (Andar): The toys are inside the box. basic english words
  96. Outside – बाहर (Bahar): The children are playing outside the house.
  97. Upstairs – ऊपर (Upar): The bedrooms are upstairs.
  98. Downstairs – नीचे (Neeche): The living room is downstairs.
  99. High – ऊंचा (Uncha): The skyscraper is very high.
  100. Low – कम (Kam): The table is very low.
  101. Big – बड़ा (Bada): The elephant is big.
  102. Small – छोटा (Chhota): The mouse is small.
  103. Tall – लंबा (Lamba): The basketball player is tall.
  104. Short – छोटा (Chhota): The cat is short.
  105. Wide – चौड़ा (Chauda): The river is wide.
  106. Narrow – संकुचित (Sankuchit): The street is narrow.
  107. Thick – मोटा (Mota): The coat is thick.
  108. Thin – पतला (Patla): The paper is thin.
  109. Heavy – भारी (Bhaari): The rock is heavy. basic english words
  110. Light – हल्का (Halka): The feather is light.
  111. Hot – गरम (Garam): The tea is hot.
  112. Cold – ठंडा (Thanda): The ice cream is cold.
  113. Wet – गीला (Geela): The towel is wet.
  114. Dry – सूखा (Sookha): The desert is dry.
  115. Bright – चमकीला (Chamkeela): The sun is bright.
  116. Dark – अंधेरा (Andhera): The night is dark. basic english words
  117. Clean – साफ (Saaf): The house is clean.
  118. Dirty – गंदा (Ganda): The floor is dirty.
  119. Easy – आसान (Aasaan): The quiz is easy.
  120. Difficult – मुश्किल (Mushkil): The exam is difficult.
  121. Fast – तेज (Tez): The car is fast.
  122. Slow – धीमा (Dheema): The snail is slow.
  123. Good – अच्छा (Accha): The food is good.
  124. Bad – बुरा (Bura): The weather is bad. basic english words
  125. Happy – खुश (Khush): The child is happy.
  126. Sad – उदास (Udaas): The woman is sad.
  127. Right – सही (Sahi): The answer is right.
  128. Wrong – गलत (Galat): The direction is wrong.
  129. Strong – मजबूत (Mazboot): The man is strong.
  130. Weak – कमजोर (Kamjor): The baby is weak.
  131. Expensive – महंगा (Mehenga): The watch is expensive.
  132. Cheap – सस्ता (Sasta): The pen is cheap.
  133. Young – जवान (Jawaan): The boy is young.
  134. Old – पुराना (Purana): The car is old.
  135. Full – भरा (Bhara): The glass is full.
  136. Empty – खाली (Khaali): The bottle is empty.
  137. Happy – खुश (Khush): The child is happy.
  138. Sad – उदास (Udaas): The woman is sad. basic english words
  139. Quiet – शांत (Shaant): The room is quiet.
  140. Loud – उच्च ( basic english wors
  141. Noisy – शोरगुल (Shor-gul): The construction site is noisy.
  142. Peaceful – शांतिपूर्ण (Shaantipurna): The countryside is peaceful.
  143. Rich – अमीर (Ameer): The businessman is rich.
  144. Poor – गरीब (Gareeb): The beggar is poor.
  145. Fast – जल्दी (Jaldi): Please fasten your seat belt.
  146. Slow – धीमा (Dheema): The turtle moves slow.
  147. Clean – स्वच्छ (Swachh): Please keep the room clean.
  148. Dirty – गंदा (Ganda): The garbage can is dirty.
  149. Smart – चतुर (Chatur): The student is smart. basic english words
  150. Stupid – मूर्ख (Moorakh): He is acting stupid.
  151. Safe – सुरक्षित (Surakshit): This place is safe for kids.
  152. Dangerous – खतरनाक (Khatarnak): The volcano eruption was dangerous.
  153. Open – खुला (Khula): The door is open.
  154. Closed – बंद (Band): The shop is closed.
  155. Light – प्रकाश (Prakash): The bulb provides light.
  156. Dark – अंधेरा (Andhera): The room is dark.
  157. Soft – मुलायम (Mulayam): The pillow is soft.
  158. Hard – कठोर (Kathor): The rock is hard.
  159. Near – पास (Paas): The store is near my house.
  160. Far – दूर (Door): The moon is far from the earth. basic english words
  161. Rich – समृद्ध (Samriddh): She belongs to a rich family.
  162. Poor – दरिद्र (Daridr): The poor people are struggling for food.
  163. Happy – खुश (Khush): The family is happy to see each other.
  164. Sad – दुखी (Dukhi): He feels sad after the breakup.
  165. Short – छोटा (Chhota): The girl is short compared to her friends.
  166. Tall – लम्बा (Lamba): The basketball player is tall.
  167. Young – नवयुवक (Nav-yuvak): The young boy is studying in college.
  168. Old – बूढ़ा (Boodha): The old man is retired from his job.
  169. Big – बड़ा (Bada): The elephant is big compared to a cat.
  170. Small – छोटा (Chhota): The ant is small compared to an elephant.
  171. Good – अच्छा (Accha): The movie was good.

Important basic english words

  1. Bad – बुरा (Bura): The food was bad. basic english words
  2. Easy – आसान (Aasaan): The question was easy to answer.
  3. Difficult – कठिन (Kathin): The exam was difficult to pass.
  4. Expensive – महंगा (Mahanga): The jewelry is expensive.
  5. Cheap – सस्ता (Sasta): The
  6. Busy – व्यस्त (Vyast): The market is always busy on weekends.
  7. Free – फ़्री (Free): She is free to meet you tomorrow.
  8. Delicious – स्वादिष्ट (Swadisht): The food was delicious.
  9. Tasteless – बेस्वाद (Beswad): The food is tasteless.
  10. Bright – उज्ज्वल (Ujjwal): The sun is bright. basic english words
  11. Dull – नीरस (Niras): The weather is dull today.
  12. Brave – बहादुर (Bahadur): The soldier is brave.
  13. Cowardly – कायर (Kayar): He is cowardly to face his problems.
  14. Happy – खुश (Khush): He is happy to see his friends.
  15. Unhappy – अखुश (Akhush): He is unhappy with his life.
  16. Right – सही (Sahi): The answer is right. basic english words
  17. Wrong – गलत (Galat): The answer is wrong.
  18. Clean – साफ (Saf): The table is clean.
  19. Dirty – गंदा (Ganda): The floor is dirty.
  20. Great – महान (Mahan): The musician is great.
  21. Small – छोटा (Chhota): The house is small.
  22. Light – हल्का (Halka): The bag is light. basic english words
  23. Heavy – भारी (Bhaari): The weight is heavy.
  24. Strong – मजबूत (Mazboot): The bridge is strong.
  25. Weak – कमजोर (Kamjor): His immune system is weak.
  26. Hot – गरम (Garam): The tea is hot.
  27. Cold – ठंडा (Thanda): The ice cream is cold.
  28. Dry – सूखा (Sukha): The towel is dry.
  29. Wet – गीला (Geela): The towel is wet.]

Basic english words begin with B

  1. Baby – बच्चा (bachcha) – The baby is sleeping peacefully.
  2. Ball – गेंद (gend) – Can you pass me the ball? basic english words
  3. Banana – केला (kela) – I love to eat bananas.
  4. Bank – बैंक (bank) – I need to go to the bank to deposit some money.
  5. Bath – स्नान (snaan) – I like to take a bath before going to bed.
  6. Beach – समुद्र तट (samudra tat) – Let’s go to the beach this weekend.
  7. Bear – भालू (bhaloo) – The bear is sleeping in the cave.
  8. Beautiful – सुंदर (sundar) – She looks beautiful in that dress.
  9. Bed – बिस्तर (bistar) – I need to change the bed sheets. basic english words
  10. Bee – मधुमक्खी (madhumakhi) – The bee is buzzing around the flowers.
  11. Bicycle – साइकिल (saikil) – I learned to ride a bicycle when I was six years old.
  12. Bird – पक्षी (pakshi) – The bird is singing a beautiful song.
  13. Birthday – जन्मदिन (janmdin) – We celebrated his birthday with a big cake.
  14. Black – काला (kaala) – The cat has black fur.
  15. Blue – नीला (neela) – The sky is blue on a clear day.
  16. Boat – नाव (naav) – We went on a boat ride on the lake. basic english words
  17. Book – किताब (kitaab) – I like to read books in my free time.
  18. Bottle – बोतल (botal) – Can you pass me the water bottle?
  19. Box – बक्सा (boksa) – I need a box to pack my things for the move.
  20. Boy – लड़का (ladka) – The boy is playing with his toy car.
  21. Bread – रोटी (roti) – I like to eat bread with butter and jam.
  22. Breakfast – नाश्ता (nasta) – I usually have cereal for breakfast.
  23. Brother – भाई (bhai) – My brother is older than me.
  24. Brown – भूरा (bhura) – The horse has a brown coat.
  25. Bus – बस (bas) – We take the bus to work every day. basic english words
  26. Business – व्यवसाय (vyavsaay) – He owns his own business.
  27. Butterfly – तितली (titli) – The butterfly has colorful wings.
  28. Buy – खरीदना (kharidna) – I need to buy some groceries at the store.
  29. By – द्वारा (dwaara) – The report was written by the CEO.
  30. Biscuit – बिस्कुट (biskut) – I like to have biscuits with my tea.
  31. Beach – समुद्र तट (samudra tat) – Let’s go to the beach this weekend.
  32. Bedtime – basic english words

Basic english words begin with G

  1. Go – जाना (jana) – I need to go to the store to buy some milk.
  2. Goal – लक्ष्य (lakshya) – My goal is to learn a new language this year.
  3. God – भगवान (bhagwan) – People worship different gods and goddesses.
  4. Gold – सोना (sona) – She wears a gold necklace with a matching pair of earrings.
  5. Good – अच्छा (accha) – She did a good job on her exam.
  6. Government – सरकार (sarkar) – The government is responsible for making and enforcing laws.
  7. Grace – कृपा (krupa) – I thanked God for his grace and blessings.
  8. Grade – ग्रेड (grade) – He got an A grade in math. basic english words
  9. Grammar – व्याकरण (vyakaran) – Grammar is the study of language structure.
  10. Grand – महान (mahaan) – The grand palace was once the home of a king.
  11. Grape – अंगूर (angoor) – She loves to eat grapes for a snack.
  12. Grass – घास (ghaas) – The cows are grazing on the grass in the field.
  13. Great – महान (mahaan) – She is a great singer and performer.
  14. Green – हरा (hara) – The leaves on the tree are green in the summer.
  15. Grey – धूसर (dhoosar) – His hair is turning grey with age. basic english words
  16. Group – समूह (samuh) – They formed a group to work on the project together.
  17. Grow – बढ़ना (badhna) – The plants are growing taller in the garden.
  18. Guest – अतिथि (atithi) – We welcomed the guest into our home.
  19. Guide – मार्गदर्शक (margdarshak) – The tour guide showed us around the city.
  20. Guitar – गिटार (gitar) – He played a beautiful tune on his guitar.
  21. Gum – गम (gam) – She stepped on gum on the sidewalk and had trouble getting it off her shoe.
  22. Gun – बंदूक (bandook) – The police officer carries a gun to protect themselves and others.
  23. Guy – आदमी (aadmi) – That guy over there is my neighbor. basic english words
  24. Gym – जिम (jim) – She goes to the gym every morning to work out.
  25. Gain – प्राप्ति (praapti) – She gained a lot of weight over the holidays.
  26. Galaxy – ब्रह्मांड (brahmand) – The Milky Way is a galaxy in the universe.
  27. Gallery – गेलरी (gallery) – The art gallery displayed many beautiful paintings and sculptures.
  28. Game – खेल (khel) – He loves to play video games in his free time.
  29. Gap – अंतराल (antaral) – There was a gap between the two buildings.
  30. Garden – बगीचा (bagicha) – She planted a beautiful garden in her backyard.
  31. Garlic – लहसुन (lahsun) – She used garlic in the recipe to add flavor to the dish.
  32. Gas – गैस (gais) – The car ran out of gas on the highway.
  33. Gate – द्वार (dwaar) – The gate to the park was locked. basic english words
  34. Gather – इकट्ठा करना (ikattha karna) – She asked her friends to gather around her for a group photo.
  35. Gear – गियर (gear) – He shifted the gear on his bike to go faster.
  36. Gender – लिंग (ling) – Gender is a social and cultural construct.
  37. Generate – उत्पन्न करना (utpann karna) – The power plant generates electricity for the city.
  38. Generation – पीढ़ी (pehdi) – The younger generation is more tech-savvy.
  39. Gentle – कोमल (komal) – She has a gentle touch when she plays the piano.
  40. Geography – भूगोल (bhugol) – Geography is the study of the earth’s physical features and landscapes
  41. Gesture – इशारा (ishara) – She made a gesture to her friend to come closer.
  42. Get – प्राप्त करना (praapt karna) – I need to get a new phone. basic english words
  43. Ghost – भूत (bhoot) – Some people believe in ghosts and paranormal activity.
  44. Giant – विशालकाय (vishalkaay) – The giant statue was towering over the city.
  45. Gift – उपहार (uphaar) – She received a beautiful gift on her birthday.
  46. Ginger – अदरक (adrak) – She added ginger to her tea for a spicy kick.
  47. Girl – लड़की (ladki) – She is a smart and talented girl. basic english words
  48. Give – देना (dena) – She gave her friend a hug to show her support.
  49. Glad – खुश (khush) – She was glad to hear the good news.
  50. Glass – गिलास (gilaas) – She drank water from a glass on the table.
  51. Glide – फिसलना (phisalna) – The bird glided through the sky effortlessly.
  52. Global – वैश्विक (vaishwik) – Climate change is a global issue. basic english words
  53. Glory – जय (jay) – The team won the championship and celebrated in glory.
  54. Gloves – दस्ताने (dastaane) – She wore gloves to keep her hands warm in the cold weather.
  55. Glow – चमक (chamak) – The fireflies were glowing in the dark.
  56. Glue – गोंद (gond) – She used glue to fix the broken vase.
  57. . basic english words
  58. Goalkeeper – गोलकीपर (golkiper) – The goalkeeper made an amazing save in the game.
  59. Goat – बकरी (bakri) – She saw a goat grazing in the field.
  60. Godfather – पदपिता (padpita) – He is my godfather and has always been supportive of me.
  61. Goldfish – सोनारी मछली (sonaari machhli) – She bought a goldfish to keep as a pet.

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