English vacabulary with hindi meaning

Here we are introduce some advance english vocabulary that is used in our day to day life.

  1. Abate – कम होना, घटना – The storm began to abate and the sun finally came out.
  2. Aberration – असामान्यता, विपथ – The incident was an aberration and not likely to be repeated.
  3. Abject – अधम, निराश्रजनक – The refugees lived in abject poverty.
  4. Acumen – तीखी बुद्धि, कुशाग्रता – He was a man of great business acumen.
  5. Adroit – चतुर, कुशल – She was an adroit negotiator.
  6. Aesthetic – सौंदर्यविद्या, रसानुभव – The art exhibition showcased a range of aesthetic styles.
  7. Alacrity – तत्परता, उत्साह – He responded with alacrity when asked to help.
  8. Ambivalent – उभयभावी, द्विधा में – She was ambivalent about the job offer.
  9. Ameliorate – सुधार करना, उन्नयन करना – The new management was able to ameliorate the company’s financial troubles.English vacabulary
  10. Anomaly – अनियमितता, असामान्यता – The fact that she didn’t show up for work was an anomaly.
  11. Antipathy – विरोध, घृणा – He felt a strong antipathy towards his former boss.
  12. Apotheosis – उत्कृष्टता का दर्जा, सर्वोच्च स्थान – The singer reached the apotheosis of his career with the release of his latest album.
  13. Arcane – रहस्यमय, गुप्त – The formula was so arcane that only a few people could understand it.
  14. Arduous – कठिन, थकाऊ – The climb up the mountain was arduous.
  15. Ascetic – तपस्वी, निष्ठावान – The monk lived an ascetic life.
  16. Assiduous – लगनशील, मेहनती – She was assiduous in her studies and never missed a class.
  17. Auspicious – शुभ, भले का – The wedding ceremony was held on an auspicious day.
  18. Avarice – लोभ, लालच – His avarice knew no bounds.English vacabulary
  19. Banal – घिसा-पिटा, घटिया – His jokes were banal and predictable.
  20. Beguile – मोह लेना, फुसलाना – He was able to beguile the audience with his charm.
  21. Bellicose – युद्धप्रिय, लड़ाकू – The bellicose rhetoric of the politicians was worrying.
  22. Bomb
  23. Byzantine – जटिल, कठिन – The Byzantine legal system was difficult for outsiders to understand.
  24. Capricious – उथल-पुथल, अनियमित – His capricious behavior made it difficult to predict how he would react.
  25. Clandestine – गुप्त, अप्रकट – The clandestine meeting was kept secret from the public.
  26. Coerce – दबाव डालना, बलपूर्वक करना – The dictator tried to coerce the population into submission.
  27. Complacent – आत्मसंतुष्ट, आलसी – The company became complacent and failed to innovate.
  28. Conundrum – उलझन, दिक्कत – The mystery of the missing key was a conundrum that baffled the detectives.
  29. Culpable – दोषी, अपराधी – The company was found culpable for the environmental damage.
  30. Deleterious – हानिकारक, अपयशजनक – Smoking has deleterious effects on health.
  31. Delineate – स्पष्ट रूप से बताना, खचित करन English vacabulary

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