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advanced english words

“Learn advanced English words to improve your vocabulary. Expand your language skills with our easy-to-understand collection of sophisticated words and phrases.”

Conundrum: पहेली

A conundrum is a difficult problem or puzzle with multiple solutions or interpretations. It presents a challenging situation requiring thoughtful consideration. advanced english words


  1. Balancing work and life remains a conundrum. काम और जीवन को संतुलित करना एक पहेली बना हुआ है।
  2. The economy faces a conundrum of growth and emission reduction.अर्थव्यवस्था को विकास और उत्सर्जन में कमी की पहेली का सामना करना पड़ रहा है।
  3. Finding affordable housing is a persistent conundrum. किफायती आवास ढूँढना एक निरंतर पहेली है।
  4. What to wear to a formal event is always a conundrum. एक औपचारिक कार्यक्रम में क्या पहनना हमेशा एक पहेली होती है।
  5. The political situation is a complex conundrum. राजनीतिक स्थिति एक जटिल पहेली है।

Perplexing हैरान करने वाला advance english words

The math problem was perplexing and required teacher’s help.

गणित का प्रश्न पेचीदा था और इसके लिए शिक्षक की सहायता की आवश्यकता थी।

The cat’s behavior was perplexing and kept meowing without reason. advanced english words

बिल्ली का व्यवहार हैरान कर देने वाला था और बिना कारण म्याऊं-म्याऊं करती रही।बिल्ली का व्यवहार हैरान कर देने वाला था और बिना कारण म्याऊं-म्याऊं करती रही। advanced english words

The airplane’s disappearance remains a perplexing mystery.

विमान का लापता होना एक हैरान कर देने वाला रहस्य बना हुआ है।

The economy’s unexpected growth during the crisis was perplexing.

संकट के दौरान अर्थव्यवस्था की अप्रत्याशित वृद्धि चिंताजनक थी।

Dilemma: दुविधा/कशमकश

A dilemma is a difficult choice between two or more options, each with drawbacks. It requires decision-making and can result in conflicting outcomes. advanced english words


She faced a dilemma between her dream job and family.

उन्हें अपने सपनों की नौकरी और परिवार के बीच दुविधा का सामना करना पड़ा।

The government faced a dilemma in handling the refugee crisis.

सरकार को शरणार्थी संकट से निपटने में दुविधा का सामना करना पड़ा.

He faced a dilemma between truth and promise. advanced english words

उन्हें सच्चाई और वादे के बीच दुविधा का सामना करना पड़ा।

The company faced a dilemma between investing and maintaining.

कंपनी को निवेश करने और बनाए रखने के बीच दुविधा का सामना करना पड़ा।

The voter faced a dilemma in choosing a candidate.

प्रत्याशी चुनने में मतदाताओं को परेशानी का सामना करना पड़ा।

Indefatigable:अथक, न थकनेवाला

Indefatigable means having great energy, determination and not getting tired.

The marathon runner finished strong, indefatigable.

मैराथन धावक मजबूत, अनिश्चितकालीन समाप्त हुआ। advanced english words

The teacher’s efforts led to success, indefatigable.

शिक्षक के प्रयासों से सफलता मिली, अथक।

The search and rescue team worked tirelessly, indefatigable.

खोज और बचाव दल ने अथक, अथक परिश्रम किया।

The entrepreneur’s hard work paid off, indefatigable.

उद्यमी की मेहनत रंग लाई, अथक। advanced english words

Despite the workload, the nurse remained indefatigable, providing the best care.

काम के बोझ के बावजूद, नर्स सबसे अच्छी देखभाल प्रदान करने के लिए अथक बनी रही। advanced english words

Persistence :अटलता, हठ, ज़िद advanced English word

Persistence is the act of continuing to do something even when faced with difficulties or opposition. It is the quality of not giving up.

Examples of Advance english words

Her persistence paid off when she finally landed her dream job.

उसकी दृढ़ता का भुगतान तब हुआ जब उसने अंततः अपने सपनों की नौकरी प्राप्त की।

Persistence is the foundation of any great accomplishment.

The athlete’s persistence in advanced english words

Proclivity झुकाव


  1. He took risks, a proclivity for great rewards.
  2. She helped others, a proclivity for volunteering.
  3. The company innovated, a proclivity for improvement.
  4. The artist used bold colors, a proclivity in art.
  5. The politician made controversial statements, a proclivity for headlines.
  1. Anomaly – अनियमितता (aniyamitata) – deviation from what is normal or expected Example: The scientist discovered an anomaly in the data that she couldn’t explain. The meteorologist noticed an anomaly in the weather patterns.advanced english wordsadvanced english wordsadvanced english words advanced english words

  1. Apathy – उदासीनता (udaasinta) – lack of interest or enthusiasm Example: His apathy towards politics was evident from his lack of participation in voting. The students’ apathy towards the teacher’s lecture was evident from their disinterest. advanced english words

  1. Dichotomy – विरोधाभास (virodhabhaas) – a division or contrast between two things that are opposed or entirely different Example: The dichotomy between good and evil is a common theme in literature. The dichotomy between rich and poor is a major issue in many countries. advanced english words

  1. Epitome – सार (saar) – a perfect example or embodiment of a particular quality or type Example: He was the epitome of kindness and generosity. The painting was considered the epitome of Renaissance art. advanced english words

  1. Euphemism – सुगमवचन (sugamvachan) – a mild or indirect word or expression used in place of one considered to be too harsh or blunt Example: Instead of saying someone died, we often use the euphemism “passed away”. Instead of saying someone is fired, we often use the euphemism “let go”.

  1. Hyperbole – अतिशयोक्ति (atishayokti) – exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally Example: His story was full of hyperbole, making it hard to believe. Her use of hyperbole made her argument seem less credible. advanced english words

  1. Iconoclast – मूर्तिविनाशक (moortivinaashak) – a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions Example: The iconoclast writer was known for challenging societal norms. The iconoclast artist was known for breaking away from traditional art styles. advanced english words

  1. Paradigm – प्रतिबिंब (pratibimb) – a typical example or model of something; a way of thinking about something Example: The theory represents a shift in the paradigm of science. The artist’s work represents a new paradigm in contemporary art.

  1. Sycophant – खुशामदी (khushaamadi) – a person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage Example: The politician was surrounded by sycophants who would do anything to gain his favor. The wealthy businessman was surrounded by sycophants who wanted his money. advanced english words

  1. Ubiquitous – सर्वव्यापक (sarvavyaapak) – present, appearing, or found everywhere Example: The use of smartphones has become ubiquitous in modern society. Fast food restaurants are ubiquitous in many countries. advanced english words
  1. Altruism – परोपकार (paropkaar) – the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others Example: His altruism was evident in his tireless efforts to help those in need. The organization’s work was motivated by a sense of altruism and social responsibility. advanced english words

  1. Ambivalent – द्विविधिता (dvividhita) – having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone Example: She was ambivalent about accepting the job offer, as it would require her to relocate. His ambivalent attitude towards the issue made it difficult for others to understand his position. advanced english

  1. Colloquial – अल्पभाषीय (alpbhaashiya) – used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary Example: The book was written in a colloquial style that made it easy to read and understand. The colloquial expressions used by the locals were difficult for the tourists to understand. advanced english words

  1. Epiphany – दर्शन (darshan) – a sudden realization or insight into the meaning or essence of something Example: He had an epiphany that changed his life and career path. The film’s ending provided an epiphany for the main character. advanced english words

  1. Facetious – विनोदपूर्ण (vinodpoorn) – treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant Example: His facetious comments during the meeting were not appreciated by his colleagues. Her facetious remarks about the tragedy were seen as insensitive. advanced english words

  1. Juxtaposition – एकसाथ रखना (eksaath rakhna) – the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect Example: The artist’s use of juxtaposition created a striking and thought-provoking image. The writer’s juxtaposition of light and dark themes added depth to the story. advanced

  1. Nihilism – नास्तिकता (naastikta) – the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless Example: The character’s nihilistic worldview was reflected in his actions and decisions. The philosopher’s book argued for a form of nihilism that rejected all conventional values.

  1. Obfuscate – अस्पष्ट बनाना (asphast banana) – render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible Example: The politician’s obfuscation of the issue only increased public suspicion and distrust. The company’s obfuscation of its financial statements led to a scandal and investigation.

  1. Quintessential – परम उदाहरण (param udaaharan) – representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class Example: The film was considered the quintessential romantic comedy of its era. The athlete was regarded as the quintessential competitor, always striving to improve and succeed.

  1. Zeitgeist – समय का दुःखात्मक वातावरण (samay ka duhkh-aatmak vaataavarana) – the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time Example: The music of the era reflected the zeitgeist of social and political change advanced english words

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